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Together with Dr. Amritam Das, Linnea Sundling (Digital Futures), Prof. Dimos V. Dimarogonas (KTH), Prof. Henrik Sandberg (KTH), Prof. Karl H. Johansson (KTH, Digital Futures), I was a local organizer of the 2022 IEEE CSS Workshop on Control for Societal-Scale Challenges, Stockholm, Sweden, June 17-18, 2022.

The workshop is an IEEE Control Systems Society Initiative to develop a scientific roadmap for the future of our discipline, Control for Societal-Scale Challenges: Roadmap 2030. The objectives of the roadmap are to lay out new societal areas where our discipline can have impact over the next decade, propose novel scientific challenges that the community should pursue, and investigate workforce education and training curricula in order to address these challenges. The goal of the workshop is also to ensure that the roadmap has a broad scope including new technological drivers, new infrastructures for control systems, and legal, organizational and regulatory factors that are prevalent in societal-scale systems.